Work Related Injuries

Though many people work in careers that are higher risk than others, no one is ever fully prepared for a work-related injury and the devastating toll it can take on physical and mental health. Proper medical treatment after sustaining an on-the-job injury is essential to improving patient outcomes and the chances of a speedy and complete recovery. Delayed treatment or improper care can lead to extra days, weeks, or even months off of work, leading to a loss of income that you can’t afford.

At Dallas Medical MultiCare, we offer quick access to work injury evaluations and comprehensive treatment plans that address the whole person, including your physical and emotional state. Our workers’ compensation specialists take the guesswork out of managing your work-related injury so you can focus on healing instead of insurance coverage. Our outstanding doctors commonly treat work injuries including sprains, strains, wrist injuries, shoulder injuries, repetitive motion injuries, and other conditions for workers in the following industries:

  • Postal / Parcel
  • Airline
  • Auto Assembly
  • Construction
  • Temp Agencies
  • Manufacturing
  • And many others
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