Personal Injury

Injuries sustained from auto accidents, slips and falls, or even civil disputes can be devastating to your physical and mental health, as well as your financial health. In addition to getting care for your injuries, managing medical bills and seeking reimbursement from insurance companies adds to the stress of seeking proper treatment.

At Dallas Medical MultiCare, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive outstanding injury care to fully restore your health while advocating on your behalf to have necessary treatments covered by insurance. We believe that no one should go without the treatment they need because of the inability to pay upfront and that budget concerns should not hinder your treatment progress.

To ensure you concentrate on returning to your pre-injury level, we work with personal injury lawyers and attorney representatives, accepting LOPs (letter of protection) while you wait for car insurance reimbursement or other settlements. We also work with the state of Texas to help crime victims obtain payment for treatment according to the Crime Victims Rights Act.