Top 5 Injuries of USPS Workers

When you think of a workers’ compensation doctor, you may think of those who work in construction or manufacturing, but the fact is that workplace injuries can happen to anybody. Postal workers deliver mail in a wide range of circumstances and are at risk for many injuries as a result of their line of work. As workers’ compensation doctors in the DFW area, we see postal workers often. Below are some of the most common injuries they suffer from.

1.      Repetitive Strain Injury

As it sounds, repetitive strain injury (RPI) is a condition that is brought on by performing the same action day in and day out. It can impact the tendons, nerves, and muscles, causing pain. Postal workers have many repetitive tasks, including lifting packages, typing on a keyboard, and casing mail, leading them to suffer from RPI. Lifting heavy packages is especially common as a cause.

Hands, forearms, and elbows are usually the first place to display symptoms, as well as the neck and shoulders. Any signs of these are good reasons for a postal worker to visit a Dallas workers’ compensation doctor.

2.      Slips and Falls

When you’re known for working in “rain, sleet, or snow,” there is a high chance of falling at some point. In addition to the elements, USPS workers may encounter slippery floors and poorly-maintained buildings, leading to falls.

Postal works in the Dallas area may not encounter much snow, but they can fall in a range of ways, leading to minor injuries and severe ones alike. All falls should be treated seriously, with early treatment from a workers’ compensation doctor.

3.      Dog Bites

While this is a common trope on TV, you might be surprised to learn postal workers often do suffer from dog bites. In 2017, the USPS reported 6,244 instances of dogs biting a worker. Many of these will be harmless, but dog bites can lead to serious injuries or even infections.

A dog that bites hard enough can damage muscle, tendons, nerves, or bones.

4.      Car Accident Injuries

Most postal workers find themselves driving a car to deliver mail, putting them at risk for accidents. These cars often don’t have doors and may leave them vulnerable to whiplash and other common injuries. This is particularly common in rural areas, though Dallas postal workers can also be involved in these accidents.

5.      Violence

You may not think of mail-carrying as a dangerous job, but these workers deal with the public daily and can find themselves in dangerous situations. This includes the risk of violence perpetrated by co-workers due to stress. While these instances may also involve criminal charges, a DFW workers’ compensation doctor can also help craft a personal injury case in these scenarios.