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5 First Steps for Injured Workers in Texas


5 Steps for Texans Injured at WorkHere are five first steps for injured workers in Texas:Seek Medical Attention: Your health is the top priority. Get immediate medical attention for your injuries, regardless of severity. This will establish a medical record of your injury and its cause.Report the Injury: Report your injury to your supervisor [...]

5 First Steps for Injured Workers in Texas2024-06-11T19:26:52+00:00

Nurse Case Managers


The Role of Nurse Case Managers A nurse case manager plays a crucial role in supporting OWCP claimants, which refers to individuals seeking compensation under the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) for work-related injuries or illnesses. Here are some key aspects of their work: Promote Recovery and Return to Work (RTW): Collaborate [...]

Nurse Case Managers2024-02-28T17:31:08+00:00

The Importance of OWCP Form CA-10


The Importance of the CA-10 Form for OWCP The CA-10 form is titled "What a Federal Employee Should Do When Injured at Work." It is an important document that provides federal employees with information on their rights and responsibilities when filing a workers' compensation claim under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA). The [...]

The Importance of OWCP Form CA-102023-10-24T16:29:51+00:00

Laws Protecting Injured Workers in Texas


Injured Workers Rights in Texas The Texas Workers' Compensation Act (TWCA) is the primary law that protects injured workers in Texas. The TWCA provides workers' compensation benefits to employees in Dallas who are injured or become ill as a result of their job. These benefits can include: Medical expenses: Coverage for all reasonable [...]

Laws Protecting Injured Workers in Texas2023-09-14T14:07:03+00:00

Top 5 Injuries of USPS Workers


Top 5 Injuries of USPS Workers When you think of a workers’ compensation doctor, you may think of those who work in construction or manufacturing, but the fact is that workplace injuries can happen to anybody. Postal workers deliver mail in a wide range of circumstances and are at risk for many injuries as a [...]

Top 5 Injuries of USPS Workers2021-09-16T16:26:12+00:00
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